Coming to work this morning i have to put with 2 idiots (sorry for the Etiquette) in 2 different buses, the fisrt one playing loud music through his headphone & he second one using his phone to play some loud music, after ask them to turn their phone music down on the bus, I’ve been subjected to a torrent of abuse…

It’s obvious that playing recorded music out loud in public without consideration for others is thoughtless, rude and disrespectful. So why do people do it? There seem to be two species of humans sharing the planet at the moment: one type thinks about the environment, other people and their feelings; the other doesn’t care for anyone or anything apart from their own gratification. It seems to me that this issue is something that needs to be part of formal education – parents are clearly not doing their job here (sorry mates you are guilty this time!). Put manners on the curriculum!

i have decided to tackled the problem as i can see everybody seems pretty complient in London.

We the undersigned ask you to sign our petition.


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Love music but dont force people to listen your music

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