Google AdSense is a most common affiliate program in the world, which makes almost half of all affiliate business today. So many people makes a fortunes with Google Adsense. Because of really big number of people involved, Google AdSense also has a very strict rules. Down here we’ll talk about what mistakes people usually are doing that causes termination of their accounts.

You may take it as a basic Google AdSense tips that helps you stay in, once you start it!

  1. Do not click on your own ads.
  2. Do not modify Adsense code.
  3. Do not lead users to another page just to click more ads.
  4. Place ads only on the pages with content.
  5. One Adsense account is enough for more than one websites.
  6. Do not put ads in e-mail.
  7. Use max. 3 ad links and 3 ad units, or max. 2 search bars on the page.
  8. Don’t disclose Adsense information
  9. Do not mix competitive contextual ads or search bars
  10. Use heading only for: -advertisements- or -sponsored links- titles.
  11. Max. 2 of same referral banners on the page
  12. Don’t change the results of the searches after the user clicks ads
  13. Prevent HTML editor to change ads code by automatic closing tags feature
  14. Don’t mix Adsense with images
  15. Inappropriate content pages.
  16. Using unsupported language

Remember This!
If you are in doubt with something, just ask Google Adsense for opinion or help, it’s better to ask them than learn it on hard way doing mistakes which cost you a lot.
They will help gladly… adsense-support@google.com

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