Hello, my name is Juan de Dios. I’m a digital fanatic, an analytical thinker with a passion for the web.

This blog is my personal space to rant about all things mostly techie; it’s just a small selection of things that I have done and interested in. You can find these selections in the gallery. This is just few things of what I love do and learn.

My interest cover most activities, and as like most people, the degree of interest varies all the time as I come across new challenges, however the following are always with me and adding new ones to the list.

Technology, Web Development, Blogging, SEO, e-marketing, Politics, Travel, Reading, Wine & Food, Reading, spending time with my family, meeting new people, and learning new things.

If you’re interested in a guest post in this or other blog or would like to contact me for any other reason, send me an email at juan@ngomo.com