I started this blog to see “what blogging is all about” and now running 6 or 7 blogs in my free time, so apparently I liked it.

In my blogging I aim to be informative, bring a little wit and humor wherever I can, and am hoping to interact with other talented minds and learn a lot along the way. You will never hear me use words like “guru” or “social media or blog expert” (unless mocking them) and I will almost automatically tune anyone out who does the same.

Maybe you’d like to check some of them out on my blog. Did I mention I have blogs?

TimbaGeek » The London Connection to Cuba
Bringing you the latest news, links, videos, samples of all styles of Cuban dance and music in London & worldwide.

Nice Travel Guide – Advice on Travel to Nice, France
Nice France travel guide, featuring itineraries, monuments, hotels, pubs, museums, beaches, maps, parks and things to do.

TravelMarrakech – Advice on Travel in Marrakech
Travel Information about Marrakesh. All about this fascinating city, hotels, riads, monuments, going out, events, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing and many more.

Travel Barcelona
Barcelona Travel Guide Featuring Iteneraries, Monuments, Hotels, Pubs, Museums, Maps, Parks And Things To Do.

Perpignan Travel Guide – Advice on Travel to Perpignan
Perpignan Travel Guide, City Guide to Perpignan, Languedoc Roussillon, south France, Featuring Itineraries, Monuments, Hotels, Pubs, Museums, Beaches, Maps…


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