About ngomo.


Our Story

A store that sells not just outfits but a trend

Welcome to ngomo., a global fashion online retailer known for its expertly curated edit of African fashion.

Ngomo.com launched officially November 2022 and promising to provide every men, women & children with a casual wear wardrobe to can count on and wear with pride. Aimed at people around the globe, the unique, upscale site is the brainchild of a group of friends, PCs and takeaways boxes in two locations West Reading, Berkshire, UK & Abuja im Nigeria. Even among the plethora of men sites available on the Internet, we recognized that our demographic was under-represented in the market and sought to create a site that was trendy, practical & affordable fashion for men of all sizes with most stock running from small right through to 5XL.

Our Values

Our fixation with street / casual wear is because we believe that anyone can get dressed up and be glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.

Why ngomo.

The name Ngomo comes from Ngom, drums used by the Bantu peoples of central, eastern and southern Africa. The name Ngoma is applied to different types of drums in different regions.
Ngomo is sometimes spelled and pronounced “engomo” by non-Africans, but the “ng” should be pronounced as the ng in “singer”, that is, as ‘?go ma or NGO-moh.
Ngomo is also a very common surname in the world, it is held by many people in Africa & you can find Ngomo in remotes places in United States, UK, France, Netherland & Sweden.
BTW – If anyone has any other facts, let us know! we love to know more!.



We are looking to work with forward-thinking lifestyle and fashion websites and publications to help promote our brand.
With an irresistible offering for african fashion, ngomo. is set to become a big name in online retail in 2023. For more information on the company and their products, please contact Juan Ngomo at
+44 (0) 7944 765078 – hello@ngomo.com